Healing Sessions

Pleiadian Lightwork is a healing system based on releasing belief systems and holding patterns throughout the body’s energy field. It is a technique, which does not only address physical and mental symptoms, but also the underlying causes of the problems. The technique takes care of one’s body, mind, and, soul equally, that is, according to the issues addressed, the various energy bodies are looked at.

A healing session is based on a multidimensional reading of the body, aura, and the soul. The issues addressed, regarding relationships of any kind, career, self-worth, etc., can be dealt with, understood, and worked on. Contracts with people and energies, both present and past, create set belief systems and patterns that affect the way we perceive our reality. Healing can reshape and change these and creates awareness of why certain experiences, behaviours, or habits have played a role in our life. Healing sessions assist us in recreating the life we desire, they can change thinking and behavioural patterns, and empower to find one’s true and authentic self.
  • grounding
  • chakra clearing
  • healing of aura and keeping it clear
  • clearing of thought patterns, beliefs, judgements, and pictures
  • de-patterning
  • meeting and blending with your Higher-Self
  • clearing of contracts and cords
  • healing of your Inner Child
  • stress reduction
  • chambers of light
Healing Sessions usually last 60 to 120 minutes.

*A session is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment but can compliment it.