"It is present as transparent, utter openness. Without outside, without inside, an all-pervasiveness, without boundary and without direction. The wide-open expanse of the view, the true condition of mind, is like sky, like space without centre, without edge, without air." 

Meditation is a practice to help us become familiar with the workings of our mind; it is a process of training the mind to increase awareness of oneself and, in the process, to calm the mind, to balance it, and to unleash its potential. This leads to a transformation of one's experience and perception of the world and helps live a happier and healthier life in a state of inner peace.

If we define the mind as an incessant stream of moments of consciousness and experiences, through meditation we learn to experience every moment. We learn to perceive and observe the space between every thought, emotion, and sensation and discover their true nature: everything comes and passes away out of a spacious state of inner clarity and calmness.